Diane is teaching this Wednesday at dwd!


how to invest in Uber shares in the UAE My time at the lake has been wonderful and on Tuesday morning I’m coming home just for a few days, hope to see you all at my 12:00 level 1 class on Wednesday afternoon!

turning our space upside down, try turning yourself upside down…

invest in Uber shares in the UAE Stay tuned for more videos of the renovation and updates of Diane’s marathon year of transformation, strength, challenge and release

getting ready for a new type of space





Buy Uber shares For over 40 years 80 Gladstone Ave has functioned as a friendly neighborhood grocery store.  We are excited to announce that in September it will reopen as a multi-purpose studio for moms with babies, movers/shakers, musicians, yogies, foodies, meditators and healers. The studio will offer drop in classes, workshops, and evening events with food and music. The space will be available for rent, to learn more about hosting your own evening event or running a weekly drop-in class contact us for details. There will also be a treatment room available for rent on an hourly basis, all modalities are welcome. 





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